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A story in every sip, from our fields in Taiwan to you.

A story in every sip, from our tea gardens direct to you.

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Who is Golden Tea Leaf Company?  

We are a group of tea enthusiast with a passion for top quality, single origin whole leaf tea.   Established over 35 years ago on the lush hills in Taiwan, our tea gardens have won multiple awards throughout the years.  We are partnering with more boutique farmers to bring you deliciously unique premium teas.  From fragrant Oolong, to the uniquely flavored black tea, Honey Red Jade, to USDA Organic green teas, and amazing adaptogenic Ginseng Oolong, we have got a tea for you. 

There is a story in every sip. Join us on a tea journey to taste and savor.

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Check out all of our products. Oolong Tea.  Black Tea. Flavored Black Tea. USDA Organic. Green Tea. Pu Erh. Ginseng Oolong.  American Ginseng Tea.  

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Cold Brewing Tea - Why You Should, and Easy How To!

June 8, 2017

ICED TEA is a summer staple, but when it’s over 100 °F out,  the thought of boiling a pot of hot water just seems a bit unbearable.    Fret no...

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Tips For Making Perfect Iced Tea

May 23, 2017

ICED TEA season is coming! Try the following tips for brewing up an awesome pitcher.

1. Use enough tea or tea bags
When foods are served cold, ...

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Adaptogenic Tea

April 19, 2017

Adaptogen Tea – Ginseng Oolong


There are only a handful of herbs that can be qualified as true Adaptogens. ...

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