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Charcoal Roasted Jade Oolong - 20 Sachets

20 Sachets
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What a beauty!   This is our version of the heavy roasted oolong.   It is definitely not your typical heavy roasted teas.   We took our time with this one, roasted over lower charcoal heat repeatedly.  The results ?  A distinctively fragrant Oolong tea.  The liquor is not overly dark- it is a beautiful light amber, with milky sweetness that will bloom long after the last sip.   Toasty and warming, with notes of malt and sweet cereal.  A must try!  

Easy on the palate, easy on the stomach, and above all, easy to brew.  Charcoal Roasted Jade Oolong comes in convenient silk tea bags, bulk packed.  It stores well, impervious to heat and oxidation.

This Oolong Tea will surprise you - an easy going tea that packs a surprising caffeine punch, improving mental alert without being jittery. 

Oolong Tea Benefits:  Boost metabolism to aid weight loss, helps to prevent cancer, tooth decay, osteoporosis, lowers cholesterol, and boost immune system.   

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