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Sampler - Black Tea

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Don't know what to order ?  Try this Black Tea Sampler.   This Sampler contains : 

Sun Moon Lake Tea, Honey Red Jade Tea, and Golden Red Tea.

Each tea sample contains 10g of loose tea, which will yield 3 individual servings.  Or you can make one giant pot of tea, to be brewed a few times.  

Sun Moon Lake Tea: This Black Tea brews to a deep earthy red color, with hints of cinnamon, camphor, roasted chestnut, and malt.   A must try for any tea connoisseur.    

Golden Red Tea :  This gorgeous Black Tea brews to a deep caramel color with hints of red.   Rich and smooth in taste with hints of mint and malt.    This is not your boring everyday tea.  

Honey Red Jade Tea:   What to say about this tea ?   Wow. Natural honey fragrance, hints of citrus.  Yummy hot or cold.   Third Place Winner at North American Tea Championship !   A must try! 

Benefits:  Aid in heart health.  In a 2009 research by Arab L. et al., it is said that people who consume 3 or more cups of black tea per day have a 21% lower risk of a stroke compared with people who consume less than 1 cup per day. 

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