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Sun Moon Lake Tea (#18 Red Jade - High Grade)

Price $25.00

A must try for any tea connoisseur!   

We are proud to introduce the Sun Moon Lake Tea – a black tea that brews to a deep earthy red color, with hints of cinnamon, camphor, roasted chestnut and malt. It is a robust tea but the tannins are well controlled and balanced, resulting in a creamy and smooth mouthful. Never bitter or astringent. 

A truly outstanding tea.  

Nearly 80 years ago, the first Assam cultivar was brought to the hills around Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, Taiwan. 80 years of cultivation and research later, #18 Red Jade is born.  

Today, this Sun Moon Lake Tea is prized by all Tea Connoisseurs for its unique flavors and smooth mouth feel.   

Available in loose form only.

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