ICED TEA season is coming! Try the following tips for brewing up an awesome pitcher.

1. Use enough tea or tea bags
When foods are served cold, the flavours become dull. A full bodied tea makes wonderful iced tea.   Of course, there is the odd Honey Red Jade Tea that tastes better as it cools down.     Use two tea bags for every 3 cups of water for best results. 

2. Use hot boiling water and do not oversteep 
If you prefer your tea stronger, use more tea bags rather than lengthening the steeping time.   Oversteeping the tea for hours will bring out the tannins and can make the tea bitter.  There are exceptions to this rule, of course.   

For weaker teas, brew for shorter amount of time, instead of using less tea or tea bags. 

3. Add sugar separately
If you sweeten your tea, add sugar to brewed hot tea to completely dissolve the sugar.  Or alternatively, make a simple sugar syrup.  Use equal parts of sugar and water, dissolve slowly over low heat.  Cool, store, and use.

4. Cool before refrigerating
Let your brewed hot tea cool before refrigerate.  Putting hot tea into a cold fridge will make your tea cloudy.

5. Keep it fresh
Use fresh squeezed fruit juices for blending and flavoring.  

6. Drink in a few days
Iced tea taste best when it is freshly made. Make only what you will drink in two or three days. 

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