Winter is truly a magical time.  We celebrate the falling of the first snow flake with the arrival of Thanksgiving, then the season for eat, drink, and merriment continues through to Christmas and then finally onto Chinese New Year.  By the time, we finish, it will be time for Spring! 

But now that we are in the thick of the holiday season, it’s time for a little bit of indulgences.  Here are some of our original tea cocktail recipes.

The Amazing Grace

This simple and extremely delicious cocktail is named after our friend, Grace.  The story is that we were toying with cold brewing, when Grace tasted this tea, and said “ you know, I am thinking bubble tea”.  After a few trials and error, we found the perfect combination.   Pick up some Honey Red Jade Tea today or on Amazon, and promise, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Very addictive.

4 oz. Strongly brewed and cooled Honey Red Jade Tea

2 oz. Kahlua

1 oz. Vodka (optional)

1 oz. Cream

Shake with ice.  Strain & serve.


Honey Toddy

This hot toddy will not only warm you up, it will tuck you in bed good. 

Brew 1 cup of hot Honey Red Jade Tea, let it brew with 2 cloves for 5 minutes

1 – 2 oz. your favorite Whisky or Bourbon

½ oz. Lime juice

½ oz. Honey

Stir and enjoy warm. 

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